Graupner Mz12 pro set

With 12 control functions and 250 model memories, the system allows you to control numerous models, whether it is flight, helicopter, copter, car or boat. We have relied on our proven HoTT 2.4GHz transmission technology with ultra-fast response time, which ensures the highest functional reliability through the bidirectional communication between transmitter and receiver. The telemetry integrated in the system provides the possibility of voice output of switching states, warnings and, of course, telemetry data output by the build in speakers or headphones. In addition, the voice output itself can be personalized. The simple and clear arranged menu is beginner friendly, but offers all possibilities for experienced pilots. The new 6-channel receiver Falcon 12, which is included in the set, has an absolutely compact and modern design and is packed with features and functions. It can be used as a flybarless system for helicopters, as a flight controller for copter, or as a gyro system for airplane models.